New Music Alert: “Afterlife” by Andro

“Afterlife” by Andro

Andro brings something necessary to the music scene, something so refreshing and unlike anything else out there. He sees rules and set ways and decides to break them down and create his own path as  a talented black/mixed race male artist in the 21st century. His style is impeccable and honestly inviting and something to be thankful about because his charisma exudes and reminds us of another rule-breaker who sadly passed away last year, Prince. He lets the world know that there is no one in it with the right to judge him or anyone, we all are who we are … male, female, straight, gay, bi, it’s your life and be proud of it. Plus “Afterlife” is not only visually mesmerizing and full of lessons but the lyrics are simply a work of art that sets a flag up in the highest building for the world to see and feel. Andro is the voice and the talent that was needed for he sees the world for the magnificent spectrum of colors and people that live in it. Enjoy the magic that dwells in his soundscape and embrace your uniqueness.

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