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[su_quote cite=”on a Venue to play at”]I would love to play at the Red Rocks in Colorado because I’ve heard that the acoustics are amazing there and the views are incredible.[/su_quote]

At such a young age you showcase a soul and maturity that is honestly jaw dropping: what do you think is the reason for that?

I’ve grown up with 5 siblings who are much older than me so I’ve always needed to be mature in order for them to hang out with me. I saw them blossom as adults and I think their experiences have influenced my own. I’m so grateful to have lived in such a quirky and fun household as I get a lot of my inspiration from them!

-What inspired the lyrics of “Let go”?

Let go is all about freedom. It’s about the need to shake off the pressures and struggles of life, particularly those that young people face. Going to parties inspired me the most as I feel that some people drink to let go of everything that’s troubling them and to be free. I wanted to write a song that everyone could relate to and interpret in their own special way as for me, letting go is about escaping with friends and going on an adventure. 

-What artists have been the biggest influences in your life and in your musical career?

Ed Sheeran is one of my biggest influences as I find his lyrics so captivating and meaningful. He always manages to make a song so catchy but so raw and emotional with his lyrical content. Oh Wonder influenced my ideas about production as I love their electronic beats and unique sounds. I definitely ‘found my sound’ with the help of their songs. 

-Name an album that has become something you just can’t stop listening to?

I absolutely love The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. Every time I’m in the shower, I blast it out and try and act as cool as him but I don’t think that’s possible haha. Although it’s not the genre that I sing myself, I do love R&B and rap! 

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-2017 is barely shaping up, but there must be plans set ahead. What can we expect from Sody as the year takes form?

Well, I have to finish my GCSE’s first *cry* and then I will be gigging more and possibly doing some festivals! I hope to go on a support tour around Europe with my band and possibly do some shows out in LA. I’m also looking forward to not only writing for myself, but maybe for some others too which would be cool. Oh and… expect some new music!

-What is your personal philosophy or mantra for your life and your music?

I really believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do and I absolutely love what I do! It’s not easy going into an industry that is so competitive at such a young age but I’m going in hungry and dedicated. I’m ready for all the challenges ahead!

– Name a venue that you would love to play at? Why?

I would love to play at the Red Rocks in Colorado because I’ve heard that the acoustics are amazing there and the views are incredible. It’s definitely one for the bucket list!

-Any special message for your fans and for anyone that loves discovering music?

I want to thank everyone who has discovered my music and reached out to say hey! I feel very lucky to be releasing as an independent artist and have fans connecting with me from all over the world! To anyone that likes discovering new music, keep showing love to the underdogs, reach out and let them know their music effects you. One message can lift someone enough to keep them fighting for their dreams!

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Red Rocks in Colorado

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