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New Music Alert: “Living on the outside” by Bruno Martini

“Living on the outside” by Bruno Martini

new music alert-living on the outside-bruno martini-brasil-brazil-indie music-new music-indie pop-indie rock-music blog-indie blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitFrom Brazil comes your next favorite artists, powerhouse and all around talented artist Bruno Martini and his magnetic single “Living on the outside” which marks his official debut after the massive collaboration that went global “Hear Me Now” with fellow Brazilian producer, Alok and Zeeba Listen to this mesmerizing show of melodies, verses and a talent that is unlike anything else – a voice that is truly rock’n’roll but possesses a chameleonic vibe about it that allows it to captivate in pop, electronica and probably many more genres. Bruno invites us into his world and we find ourselves in a terrace with him and other strangers whom we call friends and we know we are observers of life, love and all the experiences that our young bodies have seem and felt thus far. The track has a a way of becoming ours while staying his, because we add out own memories and stories into the mix and it manages to feel like home for anyone that listens. Enjoy the ride and fall into his soundscape and know that you are hearing lightning strike.

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