Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXI

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  • The Khanz: Australian indie electro pop that is bound to fill you up with an electrifying sense of moving forward and moving on in the best way possible.
  • Tuarrah: One of the best surprises I’ve had on 2017, they are gift to music and they embrace their craft with such a passion and disposition that is inspiring to hear.
  • Livia Blanc: What an amazing experience to hear the melodious voice of this talented and beautiful French songstress and the way love comes to her is out of this world.
  • Nick Shattuck: Honesty, emotions and a unique growl that embraces pop/rock and the charm of the unknown in a soundscape that simply pulls into its magic.
  • Pale Grey: Haunting and ethereal electronic beats that allow subtle vocals and pop tunes to turn it into something that belongs to another realm of existence, but we are lucky to experience.
  • PLS PLS: An invitation to a dance floor of the creation of this talented band from Atlanta, enjoy the synth pop melodies and fall into the world were the 80’s blend perfectly with the contemporary existence.
  • The Fontaines: I am always a sucker for a band that is perfectly led by a talented and mesmerizing songstress with a voice for the ages, enjoy the latest gem from one of my favorites.
  • Snow Culture: Perfection made real in the hands of a talented and mysterious Swedish duo who’s taking the music scene by storm and this is just their second single, enjoy!
  • Tablefox: From New Zealand to the world enjoy the masterful indie pop/rock of Tablefox. With a gift for lyricism and a connection with reality that is refreshing they are bound to conquer our hearts and souls.
  • Vian Izak: This gem was previously showcased on the site, but this acoustic version is simply to enchanting and soothing to not post, enjoy the magic and beauty of “The Astronaut”.

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