New Music Alert: “El Castigador” by Rita Indiana

“El Castigador” by Rita Indiana

After approximately a 7 years hiatus, the talented singer/songwriter/novelist and all around multi-talented artist Rita Indiana comes back to the music world with a track that delivers a message that feels necessary and empowering in this time of age. “El Castigador” is a perfect representation of the masses in the world in need of speaking and raising their voices and their fist up in the air demanding a change in the ways the engine of the world runs. While politically charged, this track embraces a truth that is seldom shown but known by all and that’s where the beauty of the songwriting lies. This talented Dominican knows something that we don’t know but she is not selfish and shares her it through her music and her writing (she’s is an acclaimed novelist on her own right – I strongly recommend the reading). Bravo Rita! and thank you for giving a voice to the few in Latin American and the world!

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