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New Music Alert: “Miles” by Spritely

I wrote Miles for a friend who had fallen into a particularly intense bout of major depression. Overnight, I saw a bright person shatter: her eyes wouldn’t focus, she could barely communicate, and all that she did say was, without going into detail, terrifying and cryptic. So I sat on her bed for a day and watched her sleep. Somewhere in that time, I wrote this.

“Miles” by Spritely

Brutally and beautifully honest, the way Spritely lets her verses flow is something out of the constrictions of this world. She allows the feelings, the emotions, the fear, the pain to ooze through the soundscape she has created and I am in awe for I find that beautiful and hypnotizing to find in music. Her voice has that special magic that allows her to connect with the world that surrounds her for she does not see it black and white but allows the full spectrum of colors of life to inspire her. Whether it be the good or the bad or the in between she always discovers a hidden spark of honesty in each situation and she is capable of allowing her music to deliver the message to our senses. “Miles” is amazing because it comes from a place that most don’t dare touch or have even experience, but she does so and does with poise and talent and that sets her apart from the rest of the crowd. Enjoy this masterpiece and be one of the many growing fans of the pure honesty of Spritely.

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