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Music Video Recommendation: “Hey, did I do you wrong?” by San Cisco

“Hey, did I do you wrong?” by San Cisco

As always San Cisco blows us away, it’s impossible not to always root and fall deeper and deeper in love with the talented ensemble of musicians that make up this amazing band. “Hey, did I do you wrong?” is beautiful and slightly painful but truly honest for it speaks of life, growing up and falling apart. It might feel a bit sour, but the way this four piece express it and show it of with the soundscape and through their experiences and friendship make the pain hurt a little less while letting a lesson rest in our hearts. We are able to connect for we understand that as we grow we ask ourselves the question used as the titled of the track, sometimes we get an answer yet most we don’t but that’s life and not everyone is meant to be there forever. Mesmerizing and true, another wonderful gem by San Cisco, enjoy!

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