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Indie Music Mixtape 11

Artist: Rotana

Song: The Cure

Why? Rotana is one of the best singer/songwriters I’ve had the pleasure to hear and I can honestly say we have only caught a glimpse of the full extent of her talent. World beware for she is on a path to own you, with powerful and electric vocals and lyrics that hide a soulful maturity and honesty that is refreshing and unique. “The Cure” is a marvel and the way the story positions Rotana as the “disease” that needs the purity and angelical touch of the person deemed “The cure” is amazing.

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Artist: Sam Fender

Song: Play God

Why? Sam Fender you my friend are what indie rock needed, the way your voice delivers in your face lyrics with a fashion that strangely makes it more enticing and hypnotizing is simply out of this world. “Play God” is honestly one of the best tracks of 2017 hands down, it does not matter if the year is barely starting he is already a contender and could even end up as becoming the best song of the year. It has the right conscious touch of truth, honesty and raw beauty that makes it a must listen gem.

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Artist: Marnie

Song: Lost Maps

Why? I felt chills when I heard this marvel, it is just so amazingly perfect. Come on, there’s no hiding the fact that the electropop soundscape of “Lost Maps” is made up of the sweetest dreams that any music lover could wish for. And Marnie is what the dictionary has as definition for songstress, goddess and exquisite talent. Just let go of your set rules and break through the limitations you’ve imposed on yourself and let the melodies engulf you.

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Artist: Blaenavon

Song: Alice come home

Why? What have I been doing with my life that I did not listen to Blaenavon sooner? These guys are amazing and the way they unite rock, grunge and a certain unknown factor about it makes them a band that you should listen to on a daily basis like vitamins and such. “Alice come home” is a mesmerizing show of emotions, in depth lyrics and the transition of tones and tempo is just out of this world, it shows us they are made for this monster that is music.

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Artist: Matt and the Beanstalk

Song: Symphony

Why? Matt and the Beanstalk are another showcase of the talent that dwells in the cities of the United Kingdom. There’s always something new, something unique, a new and mesmerizing new act and that is what makes it so amazing because to stand out you must be made of something special and the guys are definitely made of it. I mean just listen to “Symphony” and let yourself fall in love with the emotions, the anthemic undertones and the sheer perfection of this gem.

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Artist: Inner Tongue

Song: Underworld

Why? Dreamy indie pop/rock from Ireland that comes on with a beautiful and hypnotizing set of verses and melodies. “Underworld” is one of those tracks that just hits it right, it captures lighting in a bottle in every aspect. The visuals and the sounds are made one in this music video and that is so inspiring to see and hear for music needed this, this is a masterpiece and you should listen to it as many times as humanly possible.

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Artist: Nona

Song: Hold Up (Beyonce Cover)

Why? As always NONA delivers what can only be described as a must listen masterpiece due to his unique and refreshing control of vocals and with a marvel he turns a track made famous by the powerhouse known as Beyonce into something so his and so mesmerizing. Not only is this track amazing musically but also he takes another step forward showcasing that he is heading the right direction as an artist and as a person as all the proceeds of this gem go to Planned Parenthood. 

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Artist: Julia Gargano

Song: Sun

Why? Young, talented, beautiful and wise beyond her years – Julia Gargano is a sight for sore eyes and her voice is soulful pop that holds us softly and delivers us from the noise of the mundane world taking us as close to heaven as we mortals deserve. “Sun” is a marvel that embraces honesty and in a romantic way showcases the symbolism that the story of Icarus entails, once you’ve seen the sun there’s no going back for sadly that’s all you desperately want now. 

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Artist: Nûk

Song: Gray

Why? Another band from the enchanting streets of España that arrives to us with alternative melodies that showcase a grasp of pop, rock and the honest storytelling of folk. Nûk pulls us into a soundscape unlike anything else, the way it flows and the emotions and the feelings that come along with it make it something beyond the scope of the human condition. This band from Sevilla have you on their sight and they will deliver for music is their craft.

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