Listen: “Things you never said” by Lisa Heller

“Things you never said” by Lisa Heller

things you never said-by-lisa heller-indie music-new music-indie pop-music blog-indie blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitThe young talented singer/songwriter Lisa Heller delivers her latest single after her worldwide viral success with “Hope”. This time she dives into a topic that is more personal while still being relatable for everyone to connect with. Enjoy the beauty, the honesty and bittersweet feel of “Things you never said” and get a look into her world and the experiences she has had overcoming anxiety. While the track might feel as an ode to heartbreak, we must listen carefully for there truly we see the beauty of her words as she rises from that abyss with a new found sense about life, love and everything beyond. Enjoy this youthful yet mature soundscape and let it connect with you for it will give you a sense of fulfillment you never knew you needed.

When the sweetness tastes bitter

Life is a riddle

Spinning inside my head.

When something this little gets

Lost in the middle

of things you never said

All the things you never said.

chorus of 'Things you never said'

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