Listen: “In the arms I belonged in” by Andrea Lopez

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“In the arms I belonged in” by Andrea Lopez

Amazing, mesmerizing and something beyond the scope or grasp of my furry hands – Andrea Lopez dwells in another realm, somewhere close to the divine where her beautiful voice roams freely connecting with the experiences that make up life. With a unique sensibility she delivers a bittersweet melody that speaks of love, loss and the painful reality of growing up. “In the arms I belonged in” is able to embrace us into its arms as it carefully breathes into our souls the story that lies in it and suddenly we loose ourselves and a tear falls down our right cheek. After that it feels like rain pours down them as we understand the painful verses and we know wholeheartedly what they mean. Beautiful and honest, there’s no denying that this talented Miami based singer has something special about her; in her voice lies a talent that is made up of that special “it” that we search for and that the many write about, for her it’s as natural as breathing. Enjoy the melody and magic of Andrea Lopez and make sure to follow this songstress for the world is about to get a feel of something special.

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