Featured Music Video: “Nobody” by Alxxa

“Nobody” by Alxxa

“Nobody” has a lot of interpretations for the listener… it can be quite literal (this weed just doesn’t work anymore, I need some new shit!) or much deeper (the connection between us is fading, I need to move on ✌?). For me it started off literal, but by the end of the writing session I realized it had a much more empowering message than I originally intended. Ultimately I needed to hear that I could learn to love myself first again rather than being dependent or putting all my energy into someone that wasn’t reciprocating that. And get some better weed. The video was intended to be simply that: obviously representing the hazy energy of a good high, but also showing a strong woman just singing her ass off. And looking good doing it.About 'Nobody'

First of all: Yes Alxxa you look amazing you talented and beautiful musical goddess, And not only that but your voice does not fall behind and those sweet melodies and how the beat changes pace and the tempo speeds up allowing you to come out of the blue with beautiful singing and empowering verses that women and men alike can connect with.

The symbolic use of weed and the effects of a good high are used in a playful and truthful manner that invites the listeners to this soundscape for as it flows it becomes ours and that’s where the beauty and magic lies. Because it does not matter if you do or you don’t (Smoke the green grass), you now understand that a relationship might provide that buzz but if you see that it is not love that you are receiving you fall into an abyss, a withdrawal per say. But you must stand tall and love yourself for the only high you need is provided through knowing your own value and always allowing your potential to shine through. Enjoy this indie pop gem and keep track of this amazing talent, for the venues will keep on getting bigger and bigger for her. 

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