New Music Alert: “Build me up” by Lex Low

“Build me up” by Lex Low

A track that showcases a different aspect of love, not just the rainbows and butterflies but the other part of it, the relationship part of it. The talented Lex Low has in “Build me up” a wonderful union of electronic tunes and beats made whole with indie pop vocals that have a way of capturing the attention of the listeners. He speaks about growth, support and simply being there for each other understanding that love requires knowing that no one is perfect and that we are in it to build each other up, to ensure that each day we showcase a better version of ourselves to the other and to those that surround us. This can only be obtaining through becoming each other’s rock and beacon of hope, for that my friends is the hard part of love but also what makes it be a feeling as close to the divine as we humans can get. A wonderful message that arrives to us through beautiful music, enjoy!

Build Me Up draws upon the idea of rearranging yourself in a way that allows relationships to flourish. It’s about realizing those things that you need to adjust and asking the other person to help you as you go through the phases of rebuilding yourself.About 'Build me up'

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