Interview with Mojave Nomads

Torchy’s Tacos was a life changing experience for us.Place they discovered while on SXSW

Where did the name Mojave Nomads come from?

– Naming a band is one of the hardest things a band has to do in my opinion, sadly there isn’t a cool story it just came from hours of us sitting in our basement contemplating it.

How would you describe your songwriting?

– Our song writing isn’t very much of a concrete process, but the best way seems to be Tyler starting the song with chords and lyrics and then the rest of the band spicing it up with their instrumentation.

When was it that it clicked in you all and you knew that you should be in a band together?

– Colter and I (Tyler) were at a Cage The Elephant concert watching the opener and we decided that was something we could/would love to do.

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Cage the Elephant

What artists inspired you?

– We have a wide range of inspirations through out the band ranging from Hip Hop to Hard Rock, but right now Id have to say our top favorite artists currently are Portugal. The Man, Tame Impala, Future Islands & Run the Jewels.

While on tour, what ritual do you do almost all the time before a show?

– We don’t really have a ritual or maybe we do and I just don’t realize it, we just try and make sure we are having a good time.

On the road + 5 guys = How’s that like?

– Really, really smelly.

You were just in SXSW, describe the experience?

– SXSW is a crazy thing, so many people and bands its almost hard to keep up. But its definitely something we enjoyed and can’t wait to do it again. There is amazing food everywhere.

New album, how is it? what can we expect? 

– The new EP is just five songs and its a lot more upbeat than our first EP Black Sheep it will be available everywhere 3/30/17

2017, new year, new experiences – what can we expect of the Mojave Nomads?

– 2017 will bring lots of touring and shows and hopefully even more music by the end of the year. We are just going to keep pushing till we get where we want to be.

What’s a personal mantra or philosophy that you follow as a band?

– We think we should always be progressing and getting better whenever & wherever we can. Work really hard but have a good time doing it.

Really, really smelly.The Road + 5 Guys

On the lighter side:

Album you just can’t stop listening? 

Tyler – The new Temples album is incredible I’m also really in love with RTJ3.

Colter – The Beautiful Game – Vulfpeck

Mason – Peripheral Visions – Turnover

Bryton – Plastic Beach – Gorillaz

Cole –  Evil Friends – Portugal. the Man

What must you eat before or after a show?

Tyler – I like drinking wine at shows, not sure why just do.

Colter – Beer, PBR is my go to drink.

Mason – Mountain Dew

Bryton –  Water

Cole – Water … gotta stay hydrated 😉

SXSW – recommend a place you feel everyone should visit in Austin?

Torchy’s Tacos was a life changing experience for us.

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