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Indie Music Mixtape 10

Artist: LPX

Song: Tightrope

Why? Lights, colors and a choreography that showcases strength and a certain mesmerizing charm about it. This track is honestly just perfection, LPX has a voice for the record books – there’s something about that certain raspy feel when she showcases a passionate show of emotions in her singing that is just…wow! With “Tightrope” she embraces the chaos that dwells within the human soul when we fall into the unknown of taking risks. Plus the amazing choreography is set by the everlasting Karole Armitage.

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Artist: Flint Eastwood ft. Tunde Olaniran

Song: Push

Why? Flint Eastwood is already a favorite of mine and this time she brings a magnificent masterpiece that not only showcases her mesmerizing voice but a special guest in Tunde Olaniran and his emotion filled style of singing. “Push” is another one of those collaborations that is only made in musical heaven, it provides a perfect balance and harmony between the two indie powerhouses that is always inspiring to hear.

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Tunde: HumanHuman 

Artist: Lizzy Land (Schier Remix)

Song: Sweet Melodies

Why? Lizzy Land is already one of the best up and coming singer/songwriters to erupt into the indie pop scene and she does so with a talent and passion unlike anything else. This time around her latest gem “Sweet melodies” receives the love of many dj’s with the talented Schier Among them. He provides a touch of his own madness and gives this sweet track a hint of his own personal charm giving it a new and refreshing air.

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Artist: Lo Moon

Song: Loveless

Why? Let your senses loose and fall into the ethereal realm of the beauty and the impending doom of “Loveless”. With a show of images, music and lyricism at its best we feel blessed for this track is able to fill up the full range of the 7 minutes of its life with utter perfection. This must listen gem is able to embrace us softly with a smile into the purity of its soundscape and it is in one word, WHOLE just as we are after the ending of this gem.

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Artist: Boreal Forest

Song: Stray

Why? A charming and melodious alternative route to music that has a way of delivering melodramatic verses in a way that soothes us and transports us to a surreal and honest soundscape. Boreal Forest borrows a note from the book of the free spirits and their melodies flow softly through the airwaves without following any rules and regulations, only allowing the message they carry to arrive at our ears as that’s their only destination.

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Artist: Glassmaps

Song: Hypnotized

Why? Walk into a room in the house of the bassist (Mark Stoermer) of The Killers, find instruments and a certain spirit that fills you with inspiration and two weeks later come out with a debut album that blends your memories, dreams, hopes and the unknown that dwells in music. “Hypnotized” does its name justice for that’s the feeling we get from this marvel, with our jaws dropped we are hypnotized and there’s no going back.

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Artist: Bellicose

Song: Your city

Why? A debut single for the books, this talented 4 piece of talented and powerful women deliver in “Your city” an indie pop/rock gem that allows them all to shine and showcase a connection among them that allows for marvels to appear. Plus the camera work and the story telling that dwells in the visuals and the sounds feels so youthful, melancholic and above all so honest and relatable. Bellicose are here to stay, remember the name, they are going places.

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Artist: Jean Kelley

Song: Stacking Stones

Why? Charming country/pop track filled with a sense of power, positive vibes and the right amount of pick me up that we need to get up from the ground and move on forward. The Voice alumni is able to show off her magnificent talent that is now blossoming in the indie scene for it is honestly amazing and she brings faith that behind the limitations of a TV show lie some truly talented singers whom the world should listen to.

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Artist: Island Apollo 

Song: Hold it down

Why? Indie rock’s finest brew arrives from southern Californian lands and it comes with a unique blend of power and inviting nature that turns it into something beyond the scope of definitions and rules. “Hold it down”  is pure unadulterated indie rock with certain undertones of electronica that add to the soundscape and the way it is able to connect with the listeners in a hypnotizing manner.

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