Listen: “Big Breath in” by Huxlee

“Big Breath in” by Huxlee

Poking at the toxic concept of what masculinity entails sadly to most, the overpowering and control of the our female counterparts. With a unique blend of melodies, samples of west african drum beats and a 1970’s vinyl called “country porn” she creates something mesmerizing and filled with a refreshing honesty that strikes us with the truth in a way that stays with us. Huxlee showcases the magic and power that lies within her music, she gives us a soundscape that is unlike anything else that has been heard before. This talented singer/songwriter stays away from the norm and dwells in the reality of the world providing the listeners a much needed combination of verses that work best to open our eyes to a truth we like to cover up with ignorance. “Big breath in” is a beautiful union of sounds and vocals that gives the world what it truly needed to listen in its current state, enjoy this marvel of music.

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