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Music Video Recommendation: “You rebel, you” by Joseph and the Beasts

“You rebel, you” by Joseph and the Beasts

Enjoy an amazing and haunting showcase of artistry, passion and sensible touch that easily grasps the truth of the human experience and the constant clash between present and past creating a sense of loss within our minds and souls. Joseph and the Beasts appeared from the mind of multi-instrumentalist and overall talented monster Joseph Mulhollen, who with the assistance of “the beasts” transport the listeners into a unique world that blends a sober feel with a dash of surrealism that makes it so evocative and mesmerizing as it unfolds for our senses to cherish. As you obtain a new found understanding of how people come and go while life evolves keeping the sad memories of those no longer present while trying to cover them up with those seating at your table today, you cherish the precious rays of light and those that have remained. Keep this band in your playlists for they have more music coming your way.

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