Listen: “Fire” by Winters Island

“Fire” by Winters Island

Another perfect musical example of passion, talent and determination from the UK. This amazing electropop ensemble known simply as Winters Island comes to us with a catchy, melodic, electrifying and strangely mature combination of verses and melodies in their latest track, “Fire”. With a gift for songwriting, the guys create a soundscape that is able to house to verses beautifully while allowing lead singer Andy Trimmer to captivate us with his emotion filled vocals. It’s impossible not to feel something, not to connect with the track as Andy sings “can you heal me, can you feel me, as the fever spreads, like a fire” – feel that, the goosebumps, they are normal with magic like this. Remember the name and enjoy the melodies of Winters Island.

People spend their lives pretending they don’t have a facade. The track looks at struggling so much that that alter ego is the only thing that can get you through.about 'Fire'

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