New Music Alert: “Emily” by Matt Wills

“Emily” by Matt Wills

The talented Matt Wills has been taking the UK by storm with his unique approach at pop music, gaining the love and good vibes from many amazing artists (such as Halsey, Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, Bastille and more). He finally arrives to Wolf in a Suit with his heartfelt and melancholic blend of light electronic tunes and classic ballad like pop melodies in the shape and form of his latest single, “Emily”. In this beautiful soundscape, Matt takes us by the hand into a tumultuous world where romance and heartbreak reside and in the end we understand and expect the finale, even though our hearts break with his but life is as described. He does not sugar coat the truth of his verses, he gives a story we can understand and feel in the very fiber of our existence as the melodies flow painting a picture that evolves throughout. Keep a pin on the side of this artist’s name for he is going places and the world is soon to be his playground as he delivers more enticing and honest tracks.

My Emily, oh

You laid down your life for me

Turn down the lights suddenly

So I am the one you need

I’m tired of running

Chorus of 'Emily'

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