New Music Alert: “Alaska” by Mogli

“Alaska” by Mogli

The talented German singer/songwriter Mogli arrives to Wolf in a Suit with the first single from her upcoming new record ‘Wanderer’ (to be released on her own label) which will also be part of the documentary “Expedition Happiness” in which she collaborated with her partner, Filmmaker Felix Starck. With beautiful images that embrace the spirit of the nature they are showcasing and a melody that turns itself into a soundtrack of your life, “Alaska” is blessed with special unique unknown that only comes when passion, talent and the stars align. While listening to it you find yourself at ease, relaxed and out of nowhere you are transported and you are part of their adventure as you gain more love for the world outside the limitations of our cities and our towns, we see the wild as the mesmerizing and inspiring creation that it is. This is only the first single of an album and documentary that was inspired by seeing the beauty of the world, from the jungles in Mexico to the glaciers in Alaska we will envision it all and I can only wait for more opportunities to transport myself to unknown and new places through her voice and her talent and to be honest I am already excited for the documentary itself.

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