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“The Only One I Miss” by Maronne

A unique talent that deserves our utmost attention has emerged in a little town in East-Bavaria, Germany. The person in question is the utterly mesmerizing and enchanting singer/songwriter who will conquer the world … Maronne and she arrives with a testament of this prediction with the music video for her debut single, “The only one I miss”. Through camera work that easily rivals the best out there, and a blend of scenes that showcase daily life and another passion of her (photography), we are enticed and pulled into her soundscape. In it we feel her melodies for we understand the verses and the story at hand, which little by little starts forming a broader picture of fantasy and wishful thinking. Through her verses she speaks of a creation of her imagination, that perfect match that we at a point in our lives look for and to no avail find until finally love arrives and we realize that the picture in our head does not match the presence in front of us (the reality overcoming the fantasy in every aspect … well at least for me). As the music video unfolds we are hypnotized by the beauty of her voice but in the end we see, the person she missed even though he would never arrive for he was a union of many, a fictional creation.

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