Listen: “Actors” by ROULES

“Actors” by ROULES

actors by roules-roules-indie music-indie pop-new music-music blog-indie blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitAnother mesmerizing electronic filled soundscape that embraces the part of its nature that is made up of pop melodies and vocals. ROULES showcases his amazing voice in a fashion that it shines and blends beautifully with the flow of “Actors”. There’s something about the lyrics of the track that touches something deep within us, it speaks of our constant search for something new and refreshing while also reminding us of the rise and fall that humans deal with. It does so in a unique blend of subtle and direct touches that are served in a manner that is playful and fun while also a bit cynic and delivering a harsh reality. Overall the song is one that invites us into its world and we are easily connected to, for it is honest and youthful and does not dwell on the exaggeration or oversimplification of things but in a perfect place where we can hear and truly listen.

Close your eyes

Cut the ties

What does it matter

We’re all just actors

Chorus of 'Actors'

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