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“Who’s the fool?” by Color Comic

Who’s the fool? We all are for not listening to Color Comic before, just listen to this amazing track and it’s easy to see and understand that this talented indie band from the southern part of Germany is going places. I remember the first time I heard it …time flew by and I had heard it multiple times on repeat non-stop, it has a playful balance of charming cynicism, self-validity, growth and a voice that reminded me of Luke Pritchard from The Kooks (and you already know they are one of my favorite bands). “Who’s the fool?” has all the necessary ingredients to be the break out single that puts this talented group of guys in the radar of the world, put a pin on the side of their name, follow them and make sure to add them to a playlist or a few if you wish because SXSW, Glastonbury, Coachella you have in them a future headliner.

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Music Video for “Who’s the fool?”