Music Video Recommendation: “Who’s gonna save us now” by Crystal Cities

“Who’s gonna save us now” by Crystal Cities

A unique showcase of talent and music comes from the creative minds of Australian indie band, Crystal Cities. With the music video for their lead single “Who’s gonna save us now” they embark us into a trip through time into the 1930’s and we get to experience the freedom and wilderness of the Australian landscape through the innocent eyes of two kids. As we are part of their adventure, the thoughtful and honest feel of the lyrics hit home inside of us and we stand still simply gazing into the distance and at the children playing and enjoying the beauty of the world. We finally know what we’ve lost, the innocence, our will to open ourselves to life and the sense of awe that inspires children across the globe and we ask ourselves … who’s gonna save us now?

“We spent a year in our mate’s garage writing and recording some tracks. It got pretty dreamy (and sweaty)… and we’re digging it… it’s good to finally be out and giving you these tunes. We’ll be dropping our debut E.P. in March. It’s called “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now”. This is also the title of the lead single (cause ya gotta have a single ya know…). Feels good to open the garage door and set these tracks free into the world and into ya ear holes. Peace,Crystal Cities

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