Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXVIII

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  • Sean Gadd: Former Grouplove member delivers a certain old school rock charm that blends beautifully with an insightful and inspiring story.
  • A different Thread: A nice dose of americana is always perfect for a Sunday afternoon, the pure touch of honesty and the magic of the story as it unfolds
  • Rafferty: Powerful and electrifying indie rock that delivers mature and mesmerizing verses that fill you with a certain something.
  • ZIBBZ: Watch out for this talented indie band because they have all the necessary ingredients to create something beyond the limitations of greatness.
  • ADLT VDEO: Playful union of sounds, verses and enticing vocals that deliver a unison soundscape that captures a certain essence of the human condition
  • Cajsa Siik: As always Cajsa delivers melodies that are surreal and approachable at the same time while captivating our senses from the first second.
  • Datgo: There’s something so beautiful and romantic about the soundscape created by Datgo, it is an amazing modern day ballad for the young lovers of the world.
  • Pykari ft. Sami Suova: Beautiful cover of a track that speaks to the human spirit and the rise and fall of our lives and how face those situations – beautiful track!
  • SHAED (Heavy Mellow Remix): Match made in music heaven, SHAED delivers a masterful indie pop track and Heavy Mellows add his personal touch of electronica and it is just a song for the ages.
  • Stella: 16 years old and already so full of that special charm that is required in an artist to touch the human soul and the hearts of those who listne.