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“Midnight” by Flagship

There’s something ethereal, magical and unique about “Midnight” by the talented indie rock duo Flagship, it feels as if it’s a track that touches the border of the human and the divine while providing insightful verses that when paid with careful attention are bound to lift up your spirit and take you through the night hoping and knowing you’ll see tomorrow. The vintage feel of the theatrics and the black and white camera work only provide more for the soundscape to become a reality and with that a full on work of beauty and art. They allow soft melodies to become the home of the verses which are so enchanting and so real that simply glide softly through the airwaves into our ears and from there fill up our senses with a sense of hope, joy and child like wishful thinking. The playful acting and the addition of the talented, bright and beautiful Kate Bosworth gives the visuals a special charm and touch that even though guys are great musicians there’s no denying that the story seen was made whole by her appearance. Enjoy, share, add and make sure you stay on the lookout for more music by Flagship because they are on their way to conquering the world with music and lyrics that are beyond amazing.

Music Video directed by: Michael Polish

Flagship is signed with: Bright Antenna Records


It’s been a long road honey but I know
It’ll work in time
It’s been a dark month babe and you know it’s not the first or the last
You’ve seen it all now honey and so
So have I
I’m not a knight on some shiny white horse
But I know
I feel what’s right


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