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“When we fall” by Nina June

The talented Dutch singer/songwriter Nina June arrives to us with a snow filled scenery and a mesmerizing voice that glides softly through a soundscape of honest and soothing sounds. With “When we fall” she speaks to us from a mature standpoint and invites us to let got of the rules and the fears that we set for ourselves in love and to be honest in anything else. Sometimes we want love, success and more but we go at it with our brakes on or with our parachute safely in our backs so the fall won’t hurt – but that only means we expect to fail and with that expectation we are not giving our all and without even try we’ve lost already. We should not be fearful of falling, because if we fall we’ll be shooting starts that light up the sky (wink wink – beautiful verse from the track) and if we remain up high we will light it up all the time. Life is a beautiful mystery and going up and falling down are part of, it’s not how hard we hit the ground but how amazingly we go up high once again.

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