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“Any of this” by Ellogram and the Robot

Through a fateful and unexpected meet, this two talented artists met and music rejoiced… While Ellogram was in a Los Angeles studio recording “Come Home” – feat Lauren Ruth Ward and The Robot was there as well by chance, there has to have been some type of spark because right after that they started collaborating. “Any of this” is the first track this talented pair have done together and I am honestly begging for more. The way they united their unique outlooks and styles of music is a work of art, there’s a balance between both of them that is astounding – a perfect yin yang that embraces pop, hip-hop and electronica creating a soundscape that touches on the bittersweet balance of the verses and sounds. The union of Ellogram and the Robot is sure to deliver more must listen beauties, for now enjoy this gem and make sure to follow them for more.

[su_quote]Their first single “Any Of This” is an honest take on the struggles of addiction with the resulting heartache and loneliness that comes with it.[/su_quote]

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The Song that started this collaboration: