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“Don’t make me cry” by LeyeT

Stay calm, relax and let yourself fall into the beauty of “Don’t make me cry” by LeyeT (pronounced light). With one of the best debuts I can think off as of late, this talented Los Angeles based artist invites us into her world, her soundscape and we feel blessed for it is something short of divine and it is honest, pure and we can see a reflection of our lives in it. With a unique blend of thoughtful verses and upbeat and fluid electropop tunes, the track captures our interest from the very first second we hear it and we understand her plea and why she does not want cry, because we have been in her shoes or know someone who has. She visits the tragic beauty of the human existence in the search for love with a track that strangely uplifting and motivational in the end, for we know if we were let go it was to fly.

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