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Indie Music Mixtape 9

Artist: The New Respects

Song: Shoes

Why? As always The New Respects showcase their natural gift for creating amazing must listen gems with a unique and refreshing vibe each and every time. With a blend of modern indie rock meets Grease they astound me once again with the catchy upbeat magic that irradiates from “Shoes”. This track is simply a wonderful showcase of energy, talent and combination of sounds.

More: http://www.thenewrespects.com/

Artist: Tim De Graaw

Song: Ivory

Why? Tim shows us and the world that is force of nature with a voice that delivers blues inspired indie rock with a dash of honesty and insatiable electricity that simply wants to make its way to our senses. “Ivory” is poetry turned music turned modern day anthem that embraces its own strength with a passion and motivates us to fight our own demons of the daily life.

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Artist: Jessie Early

Song: Body Can’t hold

Why? There’s something so soothing and honest about the way Jessie Early’s voice glides through the melodies of her track. She exposes her innermost emotions and allows us to connect with them, with “Body can’t hold” we witness a complex union of melancholic tones, a sensible vulnerability and mesmerizing verses that invite us to feel and to live.

More: Website

Artist: Mouth Sounds

Song: 9084

Why? From the very first track I heard of Mouth Sounds he has become a refreshing and unique talent that I am happy to listen and assist in any way possible. Just listen to the way he creates tracks, each and every one of them has a capacity to live without the others but they are a mesmerizing sight together and “9084” is another gem.

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Artist: Vox Eagle

Song: No Sleep

Why? A talented electropop duo having a blast while shooting a video is always something I want to see and if you add a great soundtrack to it then you have just created a music video I will see 100% of the time. The way the guys invite us into the world of “No Sleep” through the music video showcases a playful yet mature approach to their music and kudos because they have given us a must listen gem.

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Artist: Shiners

Song: (I feel so) Blunt

Why? This talented band from the UK deliver a blend of black & white seriousness, youthful charm and melodies that travel through time and feel everlasting while embracing the ordeals of the common man ( like relationships, work and the daily nuisances). The way the band blend love, work and life itself is refreshing and truly enjoyable.

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Artist: Lanes

Song: Keep it together

Why? Atlanta natives Lanes keep on creating R&b infused indie pop that has a way of softly and beautifully singing to us about broken hearts, time to say goodbye and the fact that relationship takes work and passion from both sides. The way the track blends an honest and hurtful subject with a soundscape that is inviting and haunting is simply great.

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Artist: Fetch

Song: Devel

Why? They drink beer and create sweet tunes and you know what, I ain’t got a problem with that because the tunes are sweet and beer …well…(sips a cold one)…yes beer. “Devel” is electropop at its finest, the vocals are truly mesmerizing and the soundscape that houses it is hypnotic and together they make up for one truly amazing must listen gem.

More: Bandcamp