Music Video Recommendation: “S.A.M.” by Lostchild

“S.A.M.” by Lostchild

Electropop that grows and matures as it unfolds, changing from a soothing showcase of honesty, emotions and begging for forgiveness to a dance tune that evokes a sense of maturity and moving on that reminds us of the friendship that is part of them now. Lostchild speaks to all of us and invites us to look inside and  apologize if needed and grow from the errors of our past through acceptance and maturity. “S.A.M.” is a beautiful track and I applaud this talented young singer/songwriter for not only relying on the bubbly side of music but allowing it to be an extension of his feelings, emotions and the stories that make up his life. Listen and enjoy this amazing must listen track by Lostchild.

It’s a four minute apology to my ex boyfriend. I didn’t appreciate how good I had it, and to this day I’ve never had a connection with another person in the way I had a connection with him. We’ve both moved on and remained friends, but I could’ve been so much better to him.Lostchild

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