Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXVII

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  • Timothy Jaromir (Blockbuster Remix): Soothing and relaxing remix of Timothy Jaromir’s “Song for a fox”, just lay down and enjoy the soft trip.
  • Nina Luna: Nina’s voice and the pure mesmerizing feel it transports within it is simply amazing and so refreshing to hear.
  • Sleeplust: Perfectly led by Amber’s voice, this talented Los Angeles band connects with the human experience through an electropop soundscape.
  • Kyko: Dive into the mesmerizing electronic soundscape of Kyko and the perfect control of pop vocals that fill us up with a sense of awe.
  • The Relationship: Charming and electric modern day indie rock that gives a proper rendition to the old school mastery of Rock’n’Roll.
  • Cassandra Maze: Intoxicating blend of power, truth and a take over the world attitude that is just exactly what I need in music.
  • Jen Miller: In your face and true to herself, this talented singer/songwriter delivers a powerful message that comes from a place of love, equality and justice. 
  • Aftrparty ft. Jordan Corey: Talented Electronic duo delivers a sultry and mesmerizing soundscape that serves as a perfect home for Jordan Corey’s beautiful voice.
  • One Flew West: Punk rock in all its splendor, amazing latest track from One Flew West that has just that right balance between powerful melodies and softly spoken romanticism.
  • Laikipia: One of the best tracks to come from the indie electronica genre as of late, it is just perfection in the way it delivers a positive message with catchy tunes.