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“When we first met” by Alex Di Leo

[su_quote cite=”Alex Di Leo”]“‘When We First Met’ is about being in a relationship that is judged harshly from others. Standing strong together and not letting the judgmental, so called ‘friends’, influence it. Love is a special bond between two people. You shouldn’t feel afraid to pursue it to it’s fullest, even if others have a different or negative opinion of the relationship.[/su_quote]

I agree with Alex one hundred percent, love is not set by rules or made to the liking of others, if you feel it deep within you then you should pursue it with all you’ve got. Love is a wonderful thing, it is one of the few things that reminds the world of the divine, of the good that lies in humanity, it is the catalyst of the impossible turned possible and attainable. And this romantic indie gem by this talented singer/songwriter is another reminder of the awe inspiring experience that is love and lets us know that love is worth fighting for and coming together for. “When we first me” is a beautiful folk/pop masterpiece that you should listen for it will fill you with an energy unlike anything else before and if you find yourself in a similar situation listen and push forward.

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