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“Hard to be a woman” by CAT

The always welcomed Cat (Formerly of The Pierces) comes to us with a track that is truly beyond inspiring and empowering, it speaks to her fellow women but also to the men that share this world. She speaks of the contradictory views that the world tries to sell to women and how they should be kept down, which sadly is a conversation that has been spoken again as if we where transported to the past only to find out it’s happening today and in some cases worst than before. We need to get back in track and fight for equality and justice for all, we need to embrace the women in our lives and make sure they know how important they are to us and to the world itself. Give them their rightful place in society for they in some cases deserve it even more than we do, do not use their physique as a medium to judge them but pay attention to the magic and bright light that evokes from the words they speak. This past International women’s day was a reminder to the world that women inspire, motivate and excel in the world and they should be celebrated each and every day. And for those that believe that is bullshit and that men should have a day as well, ask yourself why do you need to fight one day in which we celebrate the bringers of life, the muses, the power behind most of society, really look inside you and ask that question. ” Hard to be Women “ …hell yes it is and I see you all beautiful ladies and I am in awe of the strength and poise in which you conquer each and every day. Bravo to you CAT! Bravo to all your sisters around the globe! and bravo to the men that cherish their magnificence!

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