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“Devil don’t take me back” by Ivory Woods

In 2015 Finnish singer/songwriter Jussi Alamikkelä decided it was the right time to start a new music project/band that would be named Ivory Woods and this wolf is surely glad he did. With “Devil don’t take me back” he dives deep into the pool of music and comes out with a track that mixes the folk storytelling and a certain indie rock charm that is impossible to let go. The maturity and approachable feel that oozes from the soundscape of this track is refreshing to hear for rarely does music take that road lately. He explores the fragile nature of our human existence and how we can dance from good to bad in a second, he accepts the mistakes and the darkness that dwells in us but fights it with a passionate plea to the devil to not take him back for he wants a future that is bright and to grow from the mistakes once committed. Amazing track and the music video delivers the message perfectly in the simple vision of Jussi walking through the woods and finally arriving to a lake shore (the final 10 seconds). Enjoy this must listen gem that comes to us from Finland and it is sure to turn heads.

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