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“Every time we talk” by Jakil

Through playful and inviting melodies this talented band from Edinburgh deliver a track that is actually quite honest in its sadness but it is also strangely endearing because we can connect with it and feel for the persona that dwells in the verses. In this amazing 80’s inspired indie pop soundscape we find ourselves with a bittersweet feel that mesmerizes us as the track develops second by second. Jakil has managed to create an original indie gem with “Every time we talk” for it delivers emotions, an everyday story and above all a melody that finds a way into our hearts with an ease that is inspiring and jaw-dropping.

[su_quote cite=”Jakil”]The song is about falling for someone who’s a little bit mean but keeping you keen-we’ve all been there before, right? I guess that’s what makes it quite a sad song really, but the uplifting production of the track gives it a fun, colorful backdrop. We’re into that blend and we’re most definitely into the throwback feels.[/su_quote]

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