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“Pony” by Low Country Kingdom

A sensual and fun remake of Ginuwine’s hit “Pony” done right by Low Country Kingdom, sit tight and hold on to your body because this music video and cover are an amazing ride. With this talented band we are always in for something special and that is exactly what we need, a new and inexplicably fun experience that comes to us in the form of sweet music. I am a big fan of the vocal capacity of all the members and how they always find ways to allow each other to shine, and I am particularly fond of the fact that the mesmerizingly talented beauty that is Suz shines bright in this version of a track that was made famous by a male artist. All the members show a respect, equality and playful sexuality that is truly refreshing to hear and see. So hop on and enjoy the soundscape that Low Country Kingdom is bringing to your ears.

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