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“Queen” by Flint Eastwood

Dive into a post-apocalyptic landscape where the world is running wild and there’s only one with the strength and power to reigned in, The Queen Flint Eastwood. Listen to this empowering indie rock anthem for women across the globe, a powerful reminder to them all that they are more than what they believe to be, they are all queens and we are humble members of their court (we would be well served if only allowed to be jesters). As always Flint delivers music with an honest message that serves to lift up and motivate humanity as a whole.  With the music video for “Queen” she unites visuals and sounds into a everlasting and memorable soundscape that delivers the most refreshing and invigorating nectar. Listen to this passionate showcase of honesty and female empowerment and applaud all that women achieve daily, not just today but everyday. 

[su_quote cite=”Jax Anderson aka Flint Eastwood”]I wanted to create a feeling of empowerment and confidence in unused spaces. Queen is about taking charge and owning up to your own kingdom, and in a way I wanted to showcase mine.[/su_quote]

Flint Eastwood is signed with: Neon Gold Records

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