Music Video Recommendation: “Lover like you” by Rudie Edwards

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“Lover like you” by Rudie Edwards

I am not worthy of such mesmerizing talent and beauty but oh I am thankful for it is a pleasure for the ears to listen to Rudie Edwards’s voice. Her control and power as she allows each note she hits to take form and unite with the lyrics creating a soundscape that is made perfect with that electric guitar and a certain unknown in “Lover like you” that reminds us of the surreal charm of the late great, Prince. With a balance between sexiness, boldness and a much loved knowledge of what she wants as a woman and as an artist she hypnotizes us with the disco inspired music video that gives simplicity a right touch to become immortal. Remember her name, because Atlantic Records has a gem in this talented artist and we are thankful for the gift of her music.

The mission is to wake people up…I want to make some bloody noise that doesn’t sound like all of the other bloody noise out there.Rudie Edwards

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