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Indie Music Mixtape 8

Artist: Mission

Song: Middle Fingers

Why? From Texas and with beards and talent come the alternative rock duo Missio and their hit masterpiece “Middle Fingers”. There’s something so raw, so honest and simply so full and special Texan charm in their sound that makes them stand out from the rest and possibly it’s that special magic that lies within this track, there’s no denying it is amazing, so enjoy.

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Artist: Dreamer & Son

Song: Cheat

Why? Boston, Massachusetts you beauty, not only are you home to prestigious academics or one of the original colonies but you are also home to talented musicians like the up and coming Dreamer & Son. With a new found passion and full on energy into pursuing the unknown of music, they excel beautifully with “Cheat”. So enjoy this indie pop gem and let the pinkish scenarios invite you in.

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Artist: Polaroid Summer

Song: The Giant

Why? Two talented bands from Houston, Texas unite into one amazing new sound and project that is truly a must for any music lover. Enjoy their debut single “The Giant” (mixed by Grammy winner Serban Ghenea – mixed for The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Olly Murs, Tove Lo, Adele and many more) and let their refreshing indie pop bring new life to your music collection.

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Artist: Cari Cari

Song: Nothing’s older than yesterday

Why? Indie duo that delivers unique and hypnotizing soundscapes that blend a certain vintage charm and a contemporary view of life that is easy to relate to and to fall for. With “Nothing’s older than yesterday” they deliver a track that could be classified as indie rock but it also contains a certain folksy storytelling, some blues honesty and a certain unknown that makes it so approachable.

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Artist: Dan Black

Song: Headphones

Why? Through mesmerizing and inviting indie pop filled scenarios, this talented singer/songwriter speaks to us and our modern need of living our lives hidden behind the monotony of technology as a way to feel safe. He invites us to get out of that safe haven and take a look at the world outside that confinement. Through relatable melodies he begs for us to find balance between the outside and the technology we use.

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Artist: Skogsrå

Song: Rumours

Why? Young, talented and filled with a hunger that is always great to see, comes Swedish singer/producer/Dj Skogsrå  and his latest single “Rumours”. Enjoy this playful and youthful soundscape as it unfolds perfectly and embraces you in the magic of its electropop realm and embark into the journey that is the music of this talented Swede.

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Artist: The Wintyr

Song: This Water

Why? The Wintyr arrives to our shores once again and it is pure cinematic magic like last time. The London/Cape Town based band deliver enigmatic and ethereal melodies that speak not only to our experiences but also to our senses through an amazing combination of mature storytelling and pop/rock melodies filled with electronica in a unique fashion that gives them an edge above the rest.

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Artist: Freddy Hale

Song: Troublemaker

Why? Talented singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist Freddy Hale delivers a mature and surreal track that blends pop, R&B and even some light electronica creating a alternative gem with a capacity to stand on its own two feet with no problem. There’s something special and different in the way the soundscape unfolds and that is exactly what we needed. Enjoy!

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Artist: Icelandia

Song: Forgive

Why? Enjoy the dream pop ethereal beauty of the latest single to come out of Icelandia’s debut album ‘Kinship’ and become a fan of this Canadian breath of fresh air. With a proper use of synth filled verses, they embark on a ride through inviting and everlasting surrealism that dwells in a world that allows fantasy and maturity to coexist as one mesmerizing being.

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