Top 5 New Indie Rock Week 13

Top 5 New Indie Rock Week 13

1- Walker Lukens

Song: Where is thunder road?

Why? Bluesy indie rock from Texas that is sure to fill you up with electricity as it unfolds second by second. Walker’s voice is the stuff of marvel and awe, it is exactly what one thinks of when you want a proper old school charm blended with modern touches and a whole lot of mature rebelliousness that is ever so inviting and mesmerizing. 

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2- Adam Jensen

Song: Tombstone

Why? Modern day that borrows touches from light electronica and pop dwelling in the realm of the alternative but encompassing so much more and relating with everyone who has the pleasure of hearing. Adam’s lyricism is on point and the control of his voice is above the many, falling in a group of a few chosen ones that have that it magical factor.

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3- Heavy Heart

Song: High Dive

Why? Lead perfectly by a talented and chameleonic songstress that with her touch of ethereal beauty reminds us of the hypnotizing charm of Shirley Manson and Garbage. With their latest track they showcase a certain maturity and evolution in their sound that takes them to a whole new level of talent and melodies. It is just the stuff of legends. 

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4- Hoax

Song: Pretty

Why? A mature and much needed dose of reality served in a romantic platter that sings to women around the world that you are pretty not for the beauty of your face and body but for what lies within your mind and soul. Hoax showcases a certain charm that is refreshing to see in music, because it goes beyond the fiction that we love but shows the reality that needs to be seen.

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5- Jet Black Alley Cat

Song: Golden

Why? With a name that stands out from the rest they show us they are more than a cool name, they are talented musicians with a message and tracks to capture the attention of any audience. “Golden” does its name justice for it is truly golden and amazing, the light 80’s undertones blend beautifully with the soundscape that is made perfect through Joe Wilkinson’s voice.

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