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“Finger” by Myylo

With a certain southern charm and a Californian relaxing vibe arrives Myylo and his song simply titled “Finger”. I guess that by the title you have an idea of what the song is about, if not just take a listen. It’s beautiful heartbreak poetry that showcases the angry heartbroken persona from a male perspective and that is honestly refreshing because come on guys we get angry too. If you lie, steal and cheat well hey expect a finger, not the playful one but the F-You one, I mean its the least we can do, it’s common courtesy and much deserved. Thank you Myylo for showing the world the truth, guys get angry too and smash a thing or two, you are breaking a stereotype that is loved and much used but in reality it encompasses everyone because we all react to actions that are painful, hurtful and just not right.

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