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Music Video Recommendation: “My Emptiness” by Folly Tree

“My Emptiness” by Folly Tree

Beautiful and simply amazing first official music video by this talented band from Tel Aviv, Israel. “My Emptiness” speaks softly and makes us feel safe in its soundscape, the verses put forth by Folly Tree are the stuff of poetry and ethereal and haunting magic. In the melodies we find a home for the me, myself and I to let go of the rules and limitations of society and simply think, smile and dance to beat of our drums or even better to the tunes of this amazing track. They speak to us of a matter that we sometimes leave out, the necessity of giving ourselves a certain emptiness that becomes our personal space where the only kings and queens are us and we feel free here for it is a home for our hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears, happiness and any emotion we wish to experience. Folly Tree has found a combination of talent, maturity and melodies that work beautifully, so listen and enjoy “My emptiness” and for more ethereal magic check out their debut album ‘Consolidate’.

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