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Listen: “Be Easy” by Mr Sanka

“Be Easy” by Mr Sanka

Mr Sanka is one of those gifts from the gods of music for which we must thank our lucky stars. Through chance or maybe fate this talented trio met and a spark was ignited and they just knew there was something between them that needed to be expressed through music. And did they express it? Hell yeah! After their first surprise and magical debut hit with “Flight Mode” (topped Spotify charts in the likes of the UK, US, Netherlands, Canada and went top 10 in the Global Viral Chart) they come at us with a much needed sense of hope with their latest (and surely another hit) gem in “Be Easy”. Nick van Hofwegen keeps on hypnotizing us with the ethereal and surreal feel of his voice and the way it unites with Mus and Murray’s sounds is the stuff that legends are made of. Mr Sanka is the answer to that unasked question in music- they are art, melody, unity and that special “IT” that few posses. Enjoy and let the hope that dwells in this soundscape engulf you as it puts a smile on your face reminding you that things can only get better.

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