Listen: “Don’t let me go” by Lydia Ford

“Don’t let me go” by Lydia Ford

An amazing a beautiful pop/folk track that flows softly and with such mesmerizing ease that it is sure to leave you speechless. Lydia Ford takes a guitar and lets it guide us through the youthful honesty that dwells in the soundscape of “Don’t let me go”. With a natural gift for storytelling, this talented Irish singer/songwriter speaks directly to our souls and makes us look back into our past experiences and understand the fragile nature of the human spirit. She reminds us how when in love we sometimes loose control of our emotions and actions but still want that tender caress in our cheeks and that invigorating hand that holds us and fills us up with hope and joy always. We seek understanding and shoulder to lean on while the owner of that shoulder listens to our fears and doubts while allowing our freedom to remain ours and the love to remain shared always.

I don’t know why it is

You make me so nervous

My brain is out of service

Maybe I don’t deserve it but

I just want some control

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