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[su_quote cite=”Marble Empire”]The lyrical content of my song ‘Twenty’ is about caring for and respecting another person’s space and admitting when you’re wrong. Almost like a coming of age song in terms of relationships. The video – created by the amazing Tom La Motte and Eren Kaplan – takes the idea further by depicting the life cycle of a relationship as well as creating a new sub plot which adds another layer to the meaning of the song.[/su_quote]

“Twenty” by Marble Empire

Mysterious twenty year old aspiring artist…and he is amazingly talented and is set on shaking up the music scene with his own sounds. With an enchanting blend of electronica, pop, and even some light funk and R&B he invites us into a world of his creation, into the world of Marble Empire. With his latest music video for his track “Twenty” we feel a coming of age type of track that is served with a refreshing blend of maturity and playfulness in the verses and the sounds that make it up. Plus the visual of the music video are truly masterful, they create a story that goes along hand in hand with the soundscape of the track from the very beginning. Seeing this type of symbiotic relationship between sounds and images create a feast for the senses that reminds us of the beauty of music. Thank you Ben, thank you Marble Empire for the magic of your melody.

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