Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXV

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  • N1TEL1TE ft. Phil Good: Talented duo of DJ’s (Vanessa Rousso and Melissa Ouellet) embrace the mastery pf Phil Good’s music and give it their own electronic filled spin that is just perfection. 
  • KING: Another track, another must listen masterpiece from the talented Danish singer/songwriter simply known as KING, behold her melodies for they are her kingdom. Enjoy!
  • Oh Genius ft. Tsilla: Oh Genius delivers genius like melodies that blend a certain R&B and electronic spirit with Tsilla’s mesmerizing voice in a way that feels heaven sent. 
  • Myfever: An incredible showcase of emotions, maturity and that indie rock rebellious nature that we all love and hope never disappears from this world.
  • Joe Jury: Talented singer/songwriter that showcases the magic of folk in his storytelling and connects it so beautifully with his emotion-filled vocals.
  • Carmen Rosa: As the track begins you fall down to your knees speechless in pure awe of the beauty of both melody and songstress as they embrace your senses whole.
  • Loved Ones: Indie rock that stands out from the crowd of bands with unique sounds and a modern embrace of pop and electronica that is just wonderful.
  • Mt. Doubt: Ethereal and hypnotizing alternative rock that shows the listener a certain touch of maturity and magic within its lyrics that are enchanting.
  • Shane Henry: Talented indie rock singer/songwriter that showcases a near perfect control of the blues melodies that he incorporates to his sound making it so inviting.
  • The Jacks: Perfect indie rock gem that transports the listener to an old school muscle car while you drive down an unnamed highway to destination unknown.