Featured Music Video: “No Words” by Madeline Juno

“No Words” by Madeline Juno

German songstress Madeline Juno just hits the spot with her mesmerizing and beautiful vocals, her honest and heartfelt lyrics and the passion that flows through her music. She is one of those unique talents that the world should cherish and listen to, her voice carries her truth and within it we see our reflection and that leaves me speechless. With her latest gem, “No Words”, we hear about a betrayal from a past lover and while our hearts shatter for her she remains poised and calm and showcases a maturity and ethereal beauty about her that translates perfectly to the music video as she is front and center as the main and only protagonist simply being showcase in a surreal barrage of colors.  The way the sweetness of her voice evolves into strength, growth and a special indifference for the betrayer (for whom she has no words for) as she has shows us her heart we see that something has changed in her. She knows that she does not need to waste her tears and anger in someone like that and all I can say is Bravo Madeline! Bravo, the world is yours to conquer!

I got no words, I got no words

Now that I can say whatever I want

I can’t think of anything that you deserve

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