Listen: “Fiction” by Sam Nicolosi

“Fiction” by Sam Nicolosi

Beautiful and melodious indie pop gem that flows with such ease and honesty and simply connects with the listeners. It dwells in a soundscape that is real and maybe you’ve lived in it or might be in it right now. We create works of fiction around people as excuses for something, in this case a false sense of hope that is solely being used to remain with someone even though you know it doesn’t feel right. We fall in that hole at times and remain together simply because it feels safe and we now the terrain, but love is not that, love is a magical creation of the ethereal nature that surrounds our mundane existence.  Sam Nicolosi has a way with words with “Fiction” that beautifully speaks to us, for he is us and understands the why without judging it but simply inviting to accept it with grace.

The song is about holding on to something or someone out of comfort. We, as humans, become complacent and afraid of change – we will romanticize and distort reality to fit into the narrative we wish to tell ourselves. Maybe you’re holding on to love that has lost its spark, or a friend that you no longer truly connect with. Maybe there’s a crazy family member that you can’t pretend is sane anymore. We all become invested in the fiction we tell ourselves to be happy.Sam

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