Listen: “Everyone’s Talking” by James Hersey

“Everyone’s Talking” by James Hersey

Austrian singer/songwriter/indie music genius James Hersey delivers a new and refreshing track named “Everyone’s talking”. And it truly is an amazing masterpiece and surely everyone will be talking about it, I mean just listen to it and it is impossible to not relate with it. The verses are honest and base on the daily struggle of listening to everyone’s unpaid advice on anything about your life, because everyone believes they are experts on everything. This time around the track focuses on your love life and you can relate with the fact that people will always give their grain of salt on this (specially on this), should we listen?…No, ask yourself what do they know about your unique and personal experience … the answer is nothing. So live your life, listen to people if you wish but remember your experiences are yours and whoever you choose to share them with.

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