New Music Alert: “I know you know” by Bokeh

“I know you know” by Bokeh

With a passion for the artistic side of life, talented singer/songwriter/actress Chloë Lewer aka Bokeh arrives in our lives with music that is sure to touch your hearts and souls. Born in South Africa, raise in New Zealand and currently based in Berlin, Germany she has been a sort of nomad of the world and this has provided something interesting for her music to borrow inspiration from. With her acting side she connects with a variety of emotions and feelings and is able to touch something in us, for as we see the music video unfold we feel her joy, her love, her pain and her loss and this is what makes her an artist that can conquer the world. Bokeh knows something beautiful, something surreal, something magical and she showcases all of that with the marvel that is “I know you know”.

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